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Winkler County TX Nurse Persecutor Rolando Arafiles Dead At 61

Rolando Arafiles

Law Med has learned that formerly licensed physician and convicted felon Rolando Arafiles died on January 30th at the age of 61. The cause of death is not immediately known.

Arafiles rose to national infamy for his role in the 2009 Winkler County TX Nurse Whistleblower Saga where two nurses reported him anonymously to the state medical board for shoddy patient care. Arafiles complained to his buddy, the county sheriff at the time, who launched into an investigation complete with search warrants to uncover the identities of the nurses. Sheriff Robert Roberts misled the medical board and obtained patient medical records unlawfully and was able to solve the big who-done-it. He then colluded with the county prosecutor and county attorney to prosecute the two nurses on trumped-up charges. Meanwhile the administrator at the hospital where the nurses worked fired them both for doing their jobs. The state fined Winkler County … (Continued...)

Former Winkler Co TX Atty Scott Tidwell Loses Criminal Appeal

scott tidwell

 Like an old friend who always has an interesting tale to tell, The Unbelievable But True Story of the Nurses of Winkler County has paid us another visit. The Texas Eighth District Court of Appeals in El Paso has ruled on former attorney for Winlker County Scott Tidwell’s appeal of his conviction on multiple felonies related to “conduct which occurred during the investigation and criminal prosecution of two nurses, Anne Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle, for filing complaints with the Texas Medical Board against Dr. Rolando Arafiles.” Tidwell v. State, 08-11-00322-CR (Tex.App. Dist.8 12/04/2013) The Court has affirmed Tidwell’s 2011 convictions of 2 counts each of misuse of official information, retaliation , and official oppression. He was sentenced at the time to 120 days in jail, 10 years probation, a $4,000 fine and was removed from office.

The prosecution and persecution of Mitchell and Galle gained national attention and prompted … (Continued...)

Arafiles Giulty In Sweetheart Plea Deal: 2 Months Jail Time

winkler nurses and arafiles

Former Winkler County Memorial Hospital physician Rolando Arafiles has plead guilty in a Texas courtroom in exchange for a sweetheart of a deal with the prosecution. As we predicted, Arafiles will be doing jail time. Here are the stipulations and sentence:

2 months in jail

Surrender of his medical license (which he did Friday)

5 years probation 

$5,000 fine

If Arafiles complies with all the terms of his probation the conviction will be expunged from his record, an important consideration if he plans on getting his medical license back. This deferred adjudication agreement makes the whole plea deal worth it for Arafiles. Had he gone to trial and been convicted by a jury, the chances of his having this option were far from certain.

Arafiles guilty plea brings to a close the saga of the Winkler County Nurses. Arafiles was charged with two counts of felony misuse of official … (Continued...)

Dr. Arafiles Represents Himself In Court: His Client Is A Fool

winkler nurses and arafiles

A bizarre preliminary hearing was held Thursday in the criminal case against Rolando Arafiles. The doctor is charged with 2 counts of misuse of information and 2 counts of retaliation, all felonies in the 3rd degree and punishable by up to 10 years behind bars. What should have been a routine hearing in a Winkler County courtroom resulting in the setting of a trial date, turned into a surprising  event when Arafiles showed up representing himself.

Apparently the judge spent a good hour trying to convince the nervous doctor that should he represent himself his client will be a fool. Arafiles left the courtroom a number of times, asking for breaks, but in the end signed a waiver stating he understood that he was allowed to hire an attorney but declined to do so despite being advised to. 

Next came a behind closed doors meeting, which Arafiles requested,  with prosecutor … (Continued...)



A jury in Midland Texas has just found Winkler County Sheriff Robert Roberts GUILTY on all six counts. The jury deliberated for about two hours before delivering their verdict. Roberts faces up to 10 years in prison when the penalty phase begins later today or Wednesday.

Law Med predicted a guilty verdict based on the mountain of damning evidence and testimony provided against the sheriff. He mounted a flimsy “I’m a good guy” defense. He had no choice since his actions were indefensible. Dr. Rolando Arafiles and county attorney Scott Tidwell must be seeing the writing on the wall today as they await their turn in the dock.… (Continued...)

Hear The Story of the Winkler County Nurses from Those Involved [AUDIO]


A production from WBEZ’s This American Life on the “Old Boy’s Network”. Hear Anne Mitchell, the Winkler Nurse prosecuted and found innocent after being arrested and charged with a felony, her co-author of the complaint to the Texas Medical Board, Vickie Galle, their attorney John Cook, and various other co-workers and patients of Dr. Rolando Arafiles, telling their stories in their own words. Read all about the saga on our Winkler County Page.

In a small west Texas town called Kermit, two nurses were accused of harassment after they complained to the medical board that a doctor was putting patients in danger. The nurses were fired and then arrested, facing ten years in prison. Reporter Saul Elbein found that a group of powerful men in Kermit went to extreme and sometimes ridiculous lengths to try to bring down these nurses. Saul wrote a version of this story for the


Winkler Sheriff Trial Day 5 BLOCKBUSTER! 3rd Nurse Sent Complaint

winkler nurses and arafiles

The prosecution rested their case in The State of Texas v. Robert Roberts yesterday but not before a heretofore unknown 3rd nurse took the stand and testified she also sent a letter of complaint to the Texas Medical Board  concerning the medical practice of Dr. Rolando Arafiles.

Winkler County Memorial Hospital nurses Anne Mitchell and Vickie Galle, who were responsible for Quality Assurance and Medical staff credentialing at the facility sent an anonymous letter to the Board (though they revealed themselves to the Board and the Board kept the letter anonymous) listing specific patient care incidents involving Arafiles. After his golfing buddy and former business partner, Dr. Arafiles, came to him complaining someone was making trouble for him with the Board, Sheriff Roberts began an investigation complete with search warrants for computers and deceptive representations to the Board. As a result he arrested Mitchell and Galle and charged them with … (Continued...)

Dr. Arafiles Working At Cozby Germany Hospital In Texas


Healthcare in Grand Saline, Texas has been a major concern to local residents of late…..and with very good reason. The local Cozby Germany Hospital used to be owned by the citizens of Grand Saline. Dr. Tariq Mahmood now leases the facility and in February he fired  the chief of staff, Dr. Richard Ingrim, and a number of employees, under controversial circumstances. From KMOO 99.9:




According to Dr. Ingrim both Mahmood and the hospital Administrator, Sean Astolfo are behind the firings. Ingrim said he was fired directly by Mr. Astolfo who told him he was being terminated “because of what [Astolfo] thought had been inappropriate actions because [they] had been actively trying to move things in more of a positive manner at the hospital.” [Emphasis added in light of who they have now hired as a physician]

Ingrim  said that he believes that the terminations are


Winkler Prosecutor Seeks Change of Venue For Trial of Sheriff

Sheriff Roberts

A hearing was held Monday in Winkler County District Court on a motion by prosecutor David Glickler seeking to change the venue of the trial of county Sheriff Robert Roberts. Roberts is charged with a number of felonies and misdemeanors for his role in the arrest and prosecution of two Winkler county nurses in retaliation for their reporting a local physician to the state medical board.

Winkler County district clerk Sherry Terry said Judge Robert H. Moore did not immediately rule on the motion and issued a gag order Monday. He could rule on a venue change later this week. Glickler cited local jury pool favoritism towards Roberts as the basis for his motion.

Of the other 3 local gold ol’ boys facing the same charges, county attorney Scott Tidwell and Dr, Rolando Arafiles are also awaiting trial and former hospital administrator Stan Wiley turned state’s evidence in exchange for … (Continued...)

There He Goes Again: Winkler County Hospital Administrator Wiley Resigns


I wonder if Donna Paehl, RN, Director of Nursing has yet seen the light after her glowing endorsement of Stan Wiley and delusional rant about how persecuted her poor Winkler County Memorial Hospital has been in the media and the court of public opinion. Apparently hospital administrator Wiley has somehow come to Jesus.

Wiley, 67, resigned suddenly on Monday, effective immediately and without explanation. After his charade in August when he announced his upcoming resignation and then when the time came did an about face after the hapless hospital Board refused to accept it, this time it appears it might stick. His previous attempt was chalked up to ‘having a bad day’ apparently. Leaving the Board out of it while he slips out the back door is the best decision we have seen come out of the administrative offices at the hospital in the last 2 years.

In an interview … (Continued...)

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes: And So It Goes At Winkler Memorial Hospital

med mal

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes:

And So It Goes At Winkler Memorial Hospital

Let’s recap.

1.   The Winkler County Memorial Hospital enacted a policy which forbid (quite contrary to state law) their staff from reporting concerns over the professional clinical performance of a member of the medical staff without first obtaining approval from administration.

2.   Two nurses, Anne Mitchell and Vickie Galle, who worked there for decades and were in positions specifically responsible for Quality Improvement, Risk Management and Medical Staff Credentialing, brought serious documented concerns over one of the few physicians at the small hospital, to the administration and the chief of the medical staff. Dr. Rolando Arafiles had been recruited by the hospital, since physicians are often difficult to find for small, rural facilities. The hospital has 25 beds. He had already had a restriction placed on his Texas medical license, imposed by the State Medical Board

3.   … (Continued...)