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The Unbelievable, But True Story of the Nurses of Winkler County: Part 1

The Unbelievable Story of the  Nurses of Winkler County

In the spirit and tradition of a favorite South Park episode where the boys are taken for a ride by a shady carnival huckster, I called shenanigans on the prosecution of Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle on July 21, 2009, shortly after charges were brought against them. While I followed their saga to it’s favorable conclusion, I confess that I did not pay enough attention or do enough digging to discover and understand entirely the events which led to one of the most absurd and unjust abuses of power by state health and welfare and law enforcement officials imaginable. As a general rule I have no patience for things that are unfair. When things are unfair because someone who was given power and responsibility has chosen to make them unfair, it pisses me off and I lose sleep. The events thrust … (Continued...)

Winkler County Nurses Fight Back, File Lawsuit

Attorneys for Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle filed a lawsuit on their behalf in August of 2009. Now that the criminal trial is over, the two nurses are at the helm looking for justice. Winkler County Attorney Scott Tidwell, who prosecuted Mitchell’s case, is named in the law suit as well as Dr. Rolando Arafiles, Robert Roberts the county sheriff, Winkler County Memorial Hospital, and three others. The  civil suit filed in August in a Pecos Federal Court, alleges a conspiracy between the seven defendants against Galle and Mitchell, stemming from their reports to the Texas Medical Board against Dr. Rolando Arafiles.

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 Two Former Winkler County Nurses Go on the Offensive(Continued...)


On February 11 a Texas jury took less than an hour to acquit Anne Mitchell, the Winkler County Registered Nurse brought to trial in a shameful abuse of prosecution, the sheriff’s office, and the Texas good ol’ boy network. Facing 10 years if found guilty on trumped up charges of misusing county records for reporting the bad behavior of a physician, Mitchel’s nightmare is finally over. As far as the criminal trial goes anyway. Charges against Vicki Galle, initially a co-defendant, were suddenly dropped before the trial began.   Both Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle filed a civil law suit in August of 2009. For an excellent recap, start to finish, visit the ScienceBasedMedicine blog. Also review the time line of events at the Texas Nurses Association site.

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11 N.C. Women Say Surgeon Butchered Their Plastic Surgeries, Lied About Qualifications

From Courthouse News Service

(CN) – Eleven women say they were disfigured by a North Carolina ear, nose and throat doctor who switched to plastic surgery after a string of complaints in his original practice. They claim Dr. Paul Carl Drago began doing liposuction on patients after attending a weekend seminar from a surgeon who is not licensed in the United States, and left his patients with gapping or draining wounds, odd contours, bumps and ridges, excessive pain and often profuse post-operative bleeding.

The two complaints in Mecklenburg County Court, in Charlotte, N.C., also claim Drago failed to use sterile instruments and used only local anesthesia because he lacked the training and skill to do otherwise. They claim that Drago “committed multiple acts of negligence as an ear, nose and throat (‘ENT’) doctor,” and that he “misrepresented his medical background, misrepresented his experience, misrepresented his training, and concealed his history … (Continued...)