I must admit, placing “ASSHOLES” in a headline for a blog we pride on being  a bit professional might seem anything but. Yet when it comes to Kermit Texas in Winkler County, ‘asshole’ is a compliment if you are describing hospital administrators, the county attorney, local prosecutor, sheriff, and chief medical quack….or at least one of the nicer adjectives applicable.

Over a year after we called shenanigans on the Winkler County assholes, the county commissioners have agreed to cough up $750,000 of taxpayer funds to pay for the outrageous conduct of multiple county officials. Too bad they sat with their yaps shut while it was all going on. The nurses will get some, in my view small, compensation for the hell they have been put through. The medical board will hopefully yank the license of the quack the hospital refuses to fire, despite his bizarre testimony in open court regarding medical care not fit for your cocker spaniel. Where is the bar association? Hopefully SOMEONE has filed ethics complaints against Tidwell and Fostel. Ol’ Sheriff Roberts will probably retire and drop dead some early morning in an embarrassing pose in his bathroom, stiff as a board and frozen in his last ‘official act’ cleaning up his part of the county.

We have already bid GOOD RIDDANCE to Stan Wiley. Prematurely apparently. Wiley, who was among a long list of officials named as defendants in the lawsuit, previously announced his resignation to be effective August 10….even called a special meeting Monday to tender his resignation.Then couldn’t even do THAT right, earning him the asshole of the week award. The agenda item failed to receive a second motion after board member, and seemingly only sane person in a Winkler County position of responsibility, John Walton moved to consider the measure….as he has done many times before.

Wiley insisted in an interview after the meeting that the timing of his planned resignation and the settlement was “purely coincidental.” “I got overwhelmed and I just — I had plenty,” Wiley said, recalling his thought process when he announced his intentions to retire. “And then about three days later I said, ‘What have I done?’ Don’t tell me you don’t get frustrated at work. We all do. And one day I said, ‘Man, I just don’t want to do this anymore.’” Awwwww…..poor thing…..WTF!?!

He doesn’t get it. HE SHOULD NOT BE DOING ‘THIS’ ANYMORE! ‘Want’ should have nothing to do with it. What is wrong with these nut bags? No wonder the hospital is losing patients like it has burned down, fell over and sunk into a swamp. (Extra points if you got the Monty Ppython reference)

“I fully came tonight expecting to resign and that would be the end,” Wiley said. “I’m incredibly impressed by the four hospital board members that took the action they took. I’m overwhelmed by that.” Idiots aren’t impressive….don’t be overwhelmed.

Monday’s meeting lasted only one minute and 14 seconds and left several spectators in the standing-room only crowd scratching their heads. “I thought he’d be gone,” Galle’s (one of the nurses the assholes screwed for doing her job) father, Don Snyder, said of Wiley as he left the meeting, visibly upset. “I thought he’d say, ‘I’m sorry I done the crap I done.’ I can’t believe that.”

Unfortunately, ‘sorry’ is seldom heard in Winkler County, where more often is heard a discouraging word.

Watch both videos. The second gives you an idea of the sharp tools in the box when it comes to county commissioners.


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YouTube Preview Image

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