Texas Medical Board Files Sweeping Formal Complaint Against Dr. Arafiles

The Texas Medical Board has restored some semblance of sanity to Winkler County by filing a scathing formal complaint against Dr. Rolando Arafiles. As our readers know, we have covered the bizarre tale of Winkler County Texas extensively. It is a tale of unbelievable corruption and intimidation within the law enforcement community brought to bear on two county hospital nurses whose jobs made them specifically responsible for ensuring quality of care and patient safety. When the nurses did their jobs precisely as they were required to by law, the law in Winkler County arrested them, charged them with unsubstantiated felonies and got them fired.

The 12 pages of charges against Arafiles, which will be heard before an Administrative Law Judge, reveal previously unreported serious violations of the Texas Medical Practice Act as well as other state and federal laws. Along with Arafiles, even though the Board itself has no authority to take action against them, Sheriff Roberts and Winkler County Memorial Hospital are also taken to task for serious violations of law.

Among the more disturbing previously unheard allegations are claims that Arafiles performed medically unnecessary and without any indication “genitourinary exams” on a number of patients. It is reported that an Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) was held where the Board proposed a fine and 7 years probation.  While the ICS certainly did take place and Arafiles rejected whatever the Board proposed, it would be shocking if the Board did not seek to suspend or revoke Arafiles license. The list of charges is damning indeed. Aside from a litany of medical errors the Board finds that Arafiles enlisted his friend and patient, Sheriff Arafiles, in a pattern of obstruction of a Board investigation and intimidation of witnesses.

Also revealed: Arafiles seems to have some fixation with treatment of the thyroid, be it diseased or in perfect condition, with inappropriate medications in a manner which can easily kill a patient. Read the document below…since you have to read it to believe it!! Arafiles has 20 days to respond and the hearing will follow, response or no. More HERE.

June 28, 2010 Texas Med. Bd. Formal Complaint Against Arafiles

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