Wife And Victim Takes Stand In Propofol Rape Trial [VIDEOS]


Fargo, ND – Day 3 was hallmarked by the graphic testimony of Alonna Norberg as she took the stand in the rape trial of her husband Dr. Jon Norberg, an orthopedic hand surgeon. Alonna, a pediatric emergency room physician in her own right, alleges her husband gave her propofol against her will and then had sex with her, including anal sex.

Norberg is charged with the Class AA felony of gross sexual imposition which carries a life sentence. He’s also charged with a Class C felony of reckless endangerment, punishable by up to five years, for allegedly putting his wife’s life at risk by using the drugs on her in a non-hospital setting and without proper personnel and safety equipment.

Videos from WDAY TV tell the story:

http://lawmedconsultant.com/norberga.flv http://lawmedconsultant.com/norbergb.flv
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