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Doctor Leaves, Nurse Flees, Parents Deliver Own Baby – Some Perspective [VIDEO]

Picture it. It is after midnight on Sunday at a 400 bed medical facility that professes to be “one of the busiest maternity hospitals” in the Read More »


The Secret And Illegal Lethal Injection Drug Trade

A drug dealer can name his own price. His product is most often literally worth more than its weight in gold. It is the age-old economic principle of supply Read More »


Texas Paramedic Sues Hospital To Take Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

Ten days ago we brought you The Rare Case Of A Brain Dead Pregnant Woman And TX Law. You will want to read that piece if you Read More »


The Rare Case Of A Brain Dead Pregnant Woman And TX Law

Marlise and Erick Munoz, the parents of a young son, both worked as paramedics for the town of Crowley, TX. The week after Thanksgiving Erick found his 14 weeks Read More »


UPDATE: SRNA Lawsuit Against Wolford College Nurse Anesthesia Program

The wheels of justice continue to churn in the case of Schumann et al, v Collier Anesthesia, P.A. et al. filed in Federal Court in the Middle District of Read More »

Scientology’s Narconon Sued For Breach Of Contract, Fraud, Negligence


Cathy Tarr and her son Michael are suing one of Scientology’s Narconon drug rehab centers in Nevada federal court claiming they misrepresent themselves and their treatment program as being a secular, medically proven alternative in drug treatment and that their treatment in fact places patient’s in danger. The complaint characterizes the $33,000 Narconon program as a dangerous bit of fraud being used to recruit new members of Scientology.

First the complaint argues that Narconon attempts to hide the fact that it is affiliated with and based on Scientology and its teachings, and that its program content allegedly has little to do with drug and alcohol addiction or its treatment. From the complaint (scroll down to read the complaint in its entirety)”

Narconon courses are self-taught by the patients and overseen by counselors. Narconon students and Scientology practitioners perform these TRs (Training Routines) in pairs known as twins. The counselors have


Breaking Healthcare News April 2, 2014


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77 y/o Physician Assistant Guilty In $7M Wheelchair Medicare Fraud


From Courthouse News Service

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A 77-year-old physician assistant faces up to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to signing fraudulent prescriptions for $7 million in wheelchairs and other medical equipment at two L.A.-area clinics. Erasmus Kotey, of Montebello, pleaded guilty Monday to health care fraud and conspiracy. Kotey’s fraudulent prescriptions for durable medical equipment caused Medicare to be billed for $7 million, and it paid $3.5 million, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. It’s part of a scheme that also involved Susanna Artsruni of North Hollywood, who has pleaded guilty to submitting $25 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force, formed in 2007 and now operating in nine cities, has charged more than 1,700 defendants who have billed Medicare for more than $5.5 billion, the U.S. attorney said in the statement.

Copy of the federal indictment below:

Breaking Healthcare News April 1, 2014


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Nine Nursing Home Workers Arrested In Connection With Patient Death [VIDEO]


Law enforcement officials allege Aurelia Rios, 72, slowly suffocated and died after a nurse at the Medford Multicare Center on Long Island failed to connect her to a ventilator. The NY state attorney general’s office says Kethie Joseph, a licensed practical nurse, failed to read doctors orders that Rios be hooked up to a ventilator. When alarm bells began ringing indicating Rios was in trouble Joseph, and fellow staff members, also failed to respond for over 2 hours say prosecutors. Rios was at Medford for rehab after a hospital stay for a breathing disorder.

While prosecutors are attributing the death to Joseph’s “failure to read” doctors orders that Rios be hooked up to a ventilator, Law Med would point out that a competent nurse whose clinical duties include caring for patients requiring mechanical ventilation does not need to read a doctor’s order to recognize when their patient needs to be … (Continued…)

Doctor Leaves, Nurse Flees, Parents Deliver Own Baby – Some Perspective [VIDEO]


Picture it. It is after midnight on Sunday at a 400 bed medical facility that professes to be “one of the busiest maternity hospitals” in the county. You are in labor with your husband by your side as you arrive on the OB ward to be admitted per the instructions of your OB GYN physician who has called ahead and is meeting you there. Settled into the “Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Suites”, nature’s course has slowed and your physician has ordered an IV infusion of Pitocin, a drug which induces or augments contractions and labor. And the drug is working.

As luck would have it there is another woman down the hall whose labor is not going well. Your doctor is also her physician and she needs an emergency c-section to save the life of her child. So off he or she goes to perform the emergency surgery … (Continued…)

Law Change: Patients May Get Results Directly From Labs


A change to the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will soon allow patients (or their designated representative) in every state to obtain the results of their laboratory tests directly from the lab. The change goes into effect on April 7 and all HIPAA covered entities must be in compliance by October 7.

Under the current CLIA regulations at Sec. 493.1291(f), a CLIA laboratory may only disclose laboratory test results to three categories of individuals or entities: The “authorized person,” the person responsible for using the test results in the treatment context, and the laboratory that initially requested the test. “Authorized person” is defined in Sec. 493.2 as the individual authorized under state law to order or receive test results, or both. In states that do not allow individuals to access their own test results, the individuals must receive their test … (Continued…)

Breaking Healthcare News February 12, 2014


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Winkler County TX Nurse Persecutor Rolando Arafiles Dead At 61

Rolando Arafiles

Law Med has learned that formerly licensed physician and convicted felon Rolando Arafiles died on January 30th at the age of 61. The cause of death is not immediately known.

Arafiles rose to national infamy for his role in the 2009 Winkler County TX Nurse Whistleblower Saga where two nurses reported him anonymously to the state medical board for shoddy patient care. Arafiles complained to his buddy, the county sheriff at the time, who launched into an investigation complete with search warrants to uncover the identities of the nurses. Sheriff Robert Roberts misled the medical board and obtained patient medical records unlawfully and was able to solve the big who-done-it. He then colluded with the county prosecutor and county attorney to prosecute the two nurses on trumped-up charges. Meanwhile the administrator at the hospital where the nurses worked fired them both for doing their jobs. The state fined Winkler County … (Continued…)

Cleveland Clinic Head Hunter Charged With Fraud In Imaginary CRNA Scheme


Richard Zukowski, 49, of Parma, Oh. has been charged by federal prosecutors with Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud in what law enforcement officials say was a scheme to collect commissions for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) he claimed to have recruited for work at the Cleveland Clinic, but who in fact did not exist.

Zukowski owned and operated The David Anthony Group, Inc., an independent recruiting firm. He was paid a percentage of the salary of new recruits as his commission. Federal charging documents state that he and “R.B.”, an unnamed Institute Administrator within the Anesthesiology Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, conspired to defraud the hospital of at least $179,040 between June 15, 2010 and November 28, 2012.

From court documents:

The Conspiracy

7. From on or about June 15, 20 I 0, through in or around January 2013, in the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, and elsewhere, Defendant


Breaking Healthcare News January 29, 2014


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